Amy Lee Suing Record Label

Evanescence headlines the 2012 Carnival of Madness TourEvanescence singer Amy Lee is reportedly suing Wind-Up Records for more than $1 million over unpaid royalties and other allegations, according to TMZ. Lee apparently claims that Wind-Up attempted to sabotage Evanescence by appointing the band under-qualified promoters who lacked useful ideas.

TMZ was the first to report on the story earlier, (Jan. 3), writing that Amy Lee is accusing Wind-Up of sabotaging the group. While a reliable source, TMZ is known to ad-lib the language within its stories, and there’s no official quote from Lee herself or from the legal documents as of this posting. However, the site definitively claims that Lee is seeking $1.5 million in unpaid royalties from the record label as part of her suit.

Back in November, Wind-Up announced that it had sold a large amount of its back catalog to the Bicycle Music Company, Concord Music Group and their affiliates. This deal consisted of the entire catalog of Evanescence, who have sold more than 25 million units cumulatively. Along with the deal, Evanescence and bands like Creed, Seether and others are no longer listed on the Wind-Up roster. Instead, Wind-Up has chosen to continue with a roster of 15 acts including Filter, the Darkness, Scott Stapp, Young Guns + others.

“Today is a great day for Wind-up and our amazing group of artists,” said Wind-Up CEO & President Ed Vetri at the time of the deal. “Our roster of platinum, multiplatinum and diamond artists will now be able to call Concord and Bicycle their new home. I am confident with the experience of their staffs and scale of the combined companies our artists will find continued growth and achieve even greater levels of success.”


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