Tommy Lee Wins Coaster Lawsuit

Kiss and  Motley Crue Tour Press Conference at the Hollywood RosIn September 2012, Tommy Lee and Motley Crue were sued by Howard Scott King, who claimed that he gave the Crue drummer the idea for the roller-coaster drum set which he has used on tour in recent years. Now, TMZ reports that a judge has dismissed the lawsuit, clearing Lee of any wrongdoing.

King, who once had a business called Stages ‘N’ Motion, alleged that he presented the idea for the roller-coaster drum design to Lee in 1991, which was 20 years prior to Lee debuting the circular set piece in 2011. He had filed suit against both Lee and Motley Crue for “misappropriation of trade secrets.”

According to new report from TMZ, the judge in the case has rejected the lawsuit, saying that King never had the exclusive rights to the design and that Lee created his own version of the roller-coaster drum set.


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