3 Doors Down Issue Statement Regarding Troubled Bassist Todd Harrell

Samsung Mobile 500 - Day 53 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell made headlines this week as he was once again arrested on a DUI charge in Mississippi. The latest infraction follows a previous DUI in Mississippi and an incident in Tennessee in 2013 in which Harrell is still awaiting a court date after a vehicle crash resulted in a man’s death.

Harrell entered rehab immediately after last year’s infraction and the band called off their immediate dates. When the band returned to the road later in 2013, Harrell was not part of the touring lineup. Now, with this latest DUI charge, the band has issued a statement clarifying Harrell’s position with the band.

The statement reveals that Harrell had already been “suspended” from the band, and that his current status is now indefinite. The band’s comments on Harrell’s status can be read below:

According to accounts in the press yesterday, a long-time member of 3 Doors Down, Todd Harrell, has been arrested in Mississippi in a drug related DUI charge. Last summer, Todd was suspended from the band and not allowed to participate in any 3 Doors Down performances, pending the resolution of criminal charges filed against him last year in connection with an automobile accident. Following yesterday’s incident, the band has extended Todd’s suspension indefinitely. We take this action to protect the image and integrity of the band and to encourage Todd to address and resolve his problems.

Police officials in Harrell’s latest arrest state that the musician was discovered passed out in his vehicle at a street intersection. Police chief Wayne Payne told the Associated Press that there were signs that Harrell was impaired and that a sample was sent to the crime lab for testing to see what the musician had taken.


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