Kurt Cobain’s Impact on Society Explored in New Charles R. Cross Book Yesterday

cobainAuthor Charles R. Cross has a history delving into the man that was rock icon Kurt Cobain. Having previously penned the bestseller ‘Heavier Than Heaven: The Biography of Kurt Cobain,’ Cross is taking a more analytical look at the impression the Nirvana frontman made in his latest Cobain-themed book, ‘Here We Are Now: The Last Impact of Kurt Cobain.’

The book is currently available for pre-order and goes on sale as of March 18, but Cross has leaked a little taste of the book to MTV. In an excerpt from the upcoming page-turner, Cross examines the unexpected impact that Cobain had on the fashion world.

He states in the book, “Of all the aspects of Kurt Cobain’s legacy, Kurt himself would be most surprised by his impact on fashion. We know that to be true because by 1992, two years before his death, Kurt was already a fashion icon, and he expressed amazement to friends that a style of dress he had adopted out of practicality had become the stuff of runway shows. It surprised Kurt, but then everything the year after ‘Nevermind’ was head-shaking. Many rock stars have an impact on fashion, but Kurt’s influence has truly been a bizarre outgrowth of his fame, and one that will last (even if his music will undoubtedly be his greatest legacy).”

The author adds, “Kurt very much planned his musical career, writing out imaginary interviews with magazines in his journals long before he became famous. But he never considered that if he became a star, his ripped-up jeans and flannel shirts might one day end up on the runways of New York fashion shows.”


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