Kingdragon – Hide the Sun

Yet another of my cathcing up/”oh my god, I love melodic metal” reviews. This time, “Hide the Sun” from Kingdragon. Now, I have to admit, I’ve had this one to review for quite a while (last August is the date on the file – oops) and I did give it a brief listen at the time and was quite impressed (considering I didn’t like anything describeds as “metal”!) but didn’t get chance to actually review it until now.

Formed in 2006 by George Aspiotis (Vocals + Keyboards), the keyboardist of Spitfire, and ex-Nightfall and Raw Silk, having decided to create a “new strong melodic sound” stemming from a mixture of his musical experiences/influences from 3 powerful melody decades, the 70’s, the 80’s and the 90’s.


What these boys from Greece have produced is a great blend of classic rock sounds with modern features. I’m not sure what hooked me at first listen but one thing is for certain, the double kick drum sound that I have (finally) got used to in my music isn’t featured much at all! This is their first full length album (after a couple of EP releases). The sound is a little reminiscent of Whitesnake, but this is no Coverdale copy. Pinch harmonics squeal in just the right places, chunky riffs intertwine with keyboards (which also seem to avoid the cliched 80s sounds still used by too many bands in my opinion). Not everything is blasting ahead, “Only Winter” features a lovely acoustic introduction which then picks up pace (a little!) as the band kicks in to a true 80s style ballad — and there’s nothing wrong with that in my mind!

What we have here is a very classy slice of hard rock, that will appeal to all but the most extreme of rock fans – elements of AOR, classic rock and, of course, melodic metal. Definitely worth a try!

Track list:
1. Last Time
2. Shout, Very Loud
3. Man Of Yesterday
4. Dreams Are Broken
5. Burn it Down
6. Asian Star
7. Living for Tommorow
8. Only Winter
9. Victim Of Love
10. Judgement Day
11. Hide The Sun
12. Live 4 Rock


Check out the official video for “Shout, Very Loud” here

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