Pretty Maids – “Louder Than Ever”

After celebrating their 30th Anniversary as a band and the release of their latest monumental release “Motherland”, the  Danish melodic hard rockers are serving the fans with “Louder Than Ever”. This is not a completely new album but consists of seven re-recorded classic songs from the 1995 – 2006 era plus five brand new songs specially written for this record and a special bonus DVD including archive footage from the 80’s, brand new interviews and plenty of cool material for the fans!

Before the release of “Motherland”, Pretty Maids were a band who I had heard of but wasn’t fully aware of. That album impressed and this one makes me more of a fan. I don’t know what fans will think of re-workings but for me it works brilliantly. Power, passion and melody. Iron fist in a velvet glove is something that springs to mind.

“The reason for doing this project is to give those songs a different spin with the band and producer we have now” explains singer Ronnie Atkins. It is an in-between album until the band completes the next studio album with new tunes.

In a very tight nutshell – this is a fabulous album. Continuing the recent theme of my reviews, it is very much in the melodic metal category. Epic songs that drive you with a passion that belies a 30 year career. This collection sounds like a band with the hunger normally only found in bands new to the scene and still to be jaded.

Track listing
Deranged (New Song)
Playing God
Psycho Time Bomb Planet Earth
My Soul To Take (New Song)
He Who Never Lived
Virtual Brutality
Tortured Spirit
With These Eyes; Nuclear Boomerang (New Song)
Snakes In Eden
Wake Up To The Real World
A Heart Without A Home (New Song)

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“Louder Than Ever” is released on 21st March via Frontiers


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