Kirk – Masquerade

And so it continues! “It, what it?”, you shout. Davey boy’s new found obsession with melodic metal. Really, this is getting silly now – from nothing at all and then came my man crush on Eden’s Curse. This has then made me check out all sorts of double kick drum driven metal with melody and choruses! Just like most genres, I am beginning to see that cliches alone do not make for a great record/band. There is one thing that I am starting to realise does make for a good indicator – the expert hands/ears and touch of Pink Cream 69’s Dennis Ward (yep, he did Eden’s Curse too!) and “Masquerade” sees Kirk bring Dennis in to wave his musical magical wand over proceedings.


11 tracks of powerful, hard rocking material. Strong vocals and playing throughout. Rampant rabbit, double kick drums abound (perhaps a wee bit too much in places but, hey I am a melodic metal newbie – give me a break!). Drama comes across in the arrangements and the lyrics (especially on “Eternity”) and I am a great believer in having an opening track that grabs your attention, holds it and makes you want to listen to more and “Devil’s Claw” does this with effortless ease. Sseemlessly put together that each track leads nicely towards the next (not a concept album with a connecting theme, more that the band and producer have put great thought into how the album needs to be tailored so that it hangs on you like a Saville Row suit – albeit one with added studs, skulls and inverted crosses! What you wouldn’t notice without reading the biography is that this is only Kirk’s second album in 11 years. What they achieve, despite the gap in years, is an album that sounds like the band have just developed naturally, together without ever being apart.

Track Listing
01. Devil’s Claw
02. Supersonic Speed
03. Masquerade
04. Eternity
05. Fight Or Die Music
06. Nothing Else But Lies
07. Time
08. Tragedy
09. Face In The Crowd
10. The End Of The Universe
11. Fallen Angel

Love melodic metal? Give “Masquerade a try.


Available now via Mausoleum Records

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