AC/DC Young brothers’ first album gets re-release

YoungYoungYoung_credit_PhilipMorris-1The album recorded by Angus and Malcolm Young before they formed AC/DC is to be re-released in June.

Tales Of Old Grand-Daddy was recorded by the Marcus Hook Roll Band in 1973, masterminded by the Youngs’ older brother George and his Easybeats partner Harry Vanda.

But many details surrounding the sessions will remain forgotten – because everyone was so drunk during the sessions that they can’t remember what happened, or who was involved.

George Young says: “We had Harry, myself and my kid brothers Malcolm and Angus. We all got rotten – except Angus, who was too young – and we spent a month in the studio boozing it up every night.

“It was the first thing Malcolm and Angus did before AC/DC. We didn’t take it very seriously so we thought we’d include them to give them an idea of what recording was all about.”

The album is known to feature rhythm and lead guitar from both Malcolm and Angus – but no one knows whose parts are whose, and it’s also not known whether one of them was responsible for the slide guitar tracks.

The Marcus Hook Band split without ever playing a show – but record label Warner Music note: “The scariest fact is that if they had come out of the studio and found the success they certainly deserved, the AC/DC phenomenon would probably never have got off the ground.”

Tales Of Old Grand-Daddy is released on June 2 and it’s available for pre-order on CD and vinyl.

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