Unheard Randy Rhoads recordings to be released

blizzardofozzBob Daisley has made available on his website a selection of previously unheard clips featuring the late Randy Rhoads, recorded while they were both members of Ozzy Osbourne’s first post-Black Sabbath band Blizzard Of Ozz.

The tapes were made between December 1979 and March 1981, and offer a range of glimpses into the band’s development, including the when Rhoads received and first tried out his effects pedal board.

Daisley, who hopes one day to release what he calls his “Holy Grail” tapes, released the clips to mark the 32nd anniversary of Rhoads’s death. He has also taken the opportunity to illustrate how hectic life was in the band, especially once manager Don Arden appointed his daughter Sharon as tour coordinator.

Daisley says on his website: “I’ve got one show on tape, but it’s not labelled so I’m not sure which gig it is.

“Sharon had only just arrived back from America before the tour began. Dates were being moved, added, pulled, postponed and rescheduled at short notice.

“As an example, our day off in Birmingham, after playing Liverpool the night before, was cancelled so we could drive to Ridge Farm Studios in Surrey to remix Goodbye To Romance for a single.

“After we’d done the the remix and spent the night at Ridge Farm we were informed that Jet Records wanted a new song to release. So Randy, Lee Kerslake and I put together the music, with Lee singing the guide vocal at soundcheck while Ozzy, drunk, slept under the drum riser. I took the tape of what we’d written back to the hotel and wrote the lyrics in my room before the show that night. The song was You Said It All.”

Daisley believes fans of the band will enjoy hearing his collection of recordings, but adds: “I’ve often been asked if there were any songs or ideas left over from the writing sessions with Randy. The answer is no – we used and recorded everything that was completed at the time.”

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