Daylight Robbery – “Falling Back to Earth”

Regular readers will know that Rock-Zone UK (and I in particular) were big supporters of Daylight Robbery’s first album “Cross Your Heart” ( and we have been pleased to see them gain wider audiences with their appearaces at the inaugral Hard Rock Hell AOR in 2013, Sonisphere this year and, of course, their own headline shows. The four years since the inception of Daylight Robbery have seen the guys from the Midlands truly develop – not just in terms of audience but also in song writing, performance levels and the sneak previews given at their shows at the end of 2013 hinted that album number two was going to be something special.

Indeed, the Rock-Zone UK support resulted in me having a couple of early sneaky peaks at the video for lead off track “Samarah Never Sleeps” (when the boys were particularly, and quite rightly, excited about the results) and having an early listen of “Falling Back to Earth” in full. So, dear reader, I guess that what you’re asking is “Is the album “something special”?” …

My first listen had me worried. Not, I must add, because of what I heard – rather because, even before the “Play” button was pushed, I managed to possibly disadvantage Tony, Mark, Colin, Chris and David. How? Because I only had my “emergency” headphones with me.

Daylight Robbery Band Photo 2014

I need not have worried as , despite the handicap posed by my rubbish technology, the work spent in the studio with Sheena Shea (who has worked with Robert plant and Magnum, amongst others) has paid off. Crystal clear sound that allows the contribution of the individuals to shine and it is here that the major difference between “Falling Back to Earth” and their debut is most apparent. Every element of the production is about 100% bigger, clearer and make for a record that, if you are a lover of melodic hard rock, you MUST get hold of. Even better, this is the sound of a band that is still growing and developing – clearly these guys are not content to simply rehash previous glories (either their own or replications of others).

The record opens withe 1,2 combo of “Enter the Arena” (an intro that could have been a risky idea) but when this segues into “Scream Outloud” you see that Daylight Robbery are placing their markers for what we can expect.

Each listen to the album has brought new highlights for me. Mark Carleton’s soaring guitar solo on “I’ll Be Seeing You” works brilliantly with the keyboard/strings orchestration brought in by David Billingham. “Samarah Never Sleeps” has been a staple of the live show for a while now, but the full production on the album truly brings it to a new and finer level. Vocals from Tony Nicholl are epic throughout the album but it is the harmonies from the rest of the team that sets “Falling Back to Earth” as an example of what fine AOR/melodic rock the British Isles are capable of producing. With the likes of FM, Magnum, Vega you now need to add Daylight Robbery to your list of “The Best of the Best”!


The up-tempo tracks (like “Paradise is Lost”) have a swagger that puts a smile on your face, the ballads have plenty of technical brilliance on show to mean that, once again, we have on our hands AOR that is not just for girls. The ten tracks fly by and make me wish there was more – don’t get me wrong, this is not because I feel short changed. Rather, there is so much energy and passion on offer that I could happily listen to three times more music of this quality – an album that really does live up to the old cliched advertising tag line of “all killer, no filler”.

Daylight Robbery Bolton 2014

The album is available to download now from all the usual digital outlets. However, do yourselves a favour get along to one of the guys upcoming shows (including The Railway Venue, Bolton on Friday 14th November) and CDs will be available to purchase.

Falling Back to Earth album cover

For other live dates (including HRH AOR 3 in March 2015) check out the boys’ website:

“Falling Back to Earth” is avaiable through the band’s own Solar Flare Records.

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