Lawless – “R.I.S.E.”

Alright, enough already! How many more albums can be released this year? Even more amazingly, how many of them have been completely mind blowing melodic rock/AOR? Yet, the biggest surprise for some will be the amount of pure quality from British bands! Yeah, you read that right … British! Not Swedish or American. Vega, Angels or Kings, Fahran, In Faith (review coming soon), Bailey (also coming soon) – all released some amazing stuff in 2014. So, what have the Lawless boys served up for their second release? Can it live up to the first release ( Well it’s a resounding YES from me.

A rapid follow up suggests a band that are  not just in it as a studio project. We have a group of very creative guys who take a number of lyrical themes ad continue to blend them with an almost perfect blend of melody, metal and harmony. Howie G’s guitar sound is immense throughout (as is the entire production). Paul Hume’s lead vocals soar and belt in equal measure – handling the balladic “Song for a Friend” as well as any of the worlds top rock balladeers (in fact, even better than a certain football team owning, New Jersey CEO!).


Sure, the elements of humour that were a hallmark of “Rise Up” still put in an appearance – the “fire breathing woman” from “Kiss My Glass”, immediately sprigs to mind. However, as I commented in my review of the first album, Lawless are no comedy act. Opening the album with a track honouring the brave soldiers who fought for our freedom during the Great War ties the album into the centenary celebrations. Opening with the sound of battle and the sound of bagpipes and drums, Lawless then head into the what would once be classed as the sole territory of Iron Maiden. An anthemic rocking tribute – full of passion and genuine pride (the guy showed a nice touch by allowing streaming of “1914 (Ghosts of No Mans Land)” on Remembrance Sunday).

The band have created this epic album by pulling in from their influences such as Dio, Y&T, Black Sabbath, Scorpions and Saxon so that after two years of being formed they have created their own sound in R.I.S.E .

As with “Rock Savage” the album is steeped in the 80’s classic rock sound with a modern edge and includes soaring melodies, guitar hooks and face melting solos from Howie G and as time has passed the band are united more than ever and have created a force to be reckoned with.

The band have just announced that they have welcomed a fifth member, Jamie Crees as rhythm guitarist – a move that will surely help the guys take their sound even further for album number three. In the meantime, “R.I.S.E.” is released on 21st November on Escape Records and the boys have announced some live shows to coincide – including an appearance at Planet Rock’s Rockstock. Without doubt, the future of British rock is safe in the hands of our current crop of bands. It really is time to R.I.S.E.

Lawless RISE tour

Track List:
1. 1914 (Ghosts of No Man’s Land)
2. Pain
3. Rise
4. Twisted and Burned
5. Song for A Friend
6. Kiss My Glass
7. Dead Man Walking
8. Heavens Raining
9. How Long
10. Diamond In The Rough
11. Is this The End Of The World

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