Care of Night – “Connected”

Review by Mick Parry

“There must be something in the water” was the opening line from a song from my album of last year H.e.a.t.’s “Tearing Down The Walls”. There definitely is something in the water in Sweden -this is the second album I have reviewed this week from a Swedish band and here is yet another slice of fabulous melodic rock. Formed from the ashes of Seven Tears, Care of Night founder members Jonathan Carlemar and Kristofer Von Wachenfeldt have put together there debut full release, following on from 2013 debut 4 song EP. The band now have settled the line up and have produced an album of high quality keyboard driven AOR, which has been picked up and released on the AOR Heaven label.
First off we have “Cassandra” a beautiful opener, which gives you a taste of what is to come and highlights the influential keyboards of Kristofer.. The next two tracks “Heart Belongs” and “Those Words” have a real 80’s rock feel with a modern clean production, making you glad you experienced those halcyon days yet still standing and wanting more.
Then we hit “Dividing Lines” a huge ballad complete with saxophone solo and some impressive guitar work from Jonathan. “Say A Prayer” is another slower number again showcasing the musical talents of the band.
CARE OF NIGHT Connected P02452[1]
“Contact” is up next and ups the tempo, this is a huge dose of classic rock, you realise what a great vocalist we have in Calle Schonberg, this guy could sing the phone book and make it sound dramatic. “Please Remember” has the feel of early 80’s Rainbow and is a very uptempo rocker with some great guitarwork ala Richie.
This is followed by “Unify” an anthemic rocker and then we reach the final two songs (Unless your in Japan of course) “Give Me Strength” an absolute giant of a song that takes the album to new heights and then just soars away to music heaven (AOR) and the final track “Say You Will” this track starts slow and just keeps building and building, the vocal delivery is simply beautiful, the song deserves to be a hit, well written, well played it reminds of the classic Spock’s Beard track “Wind At My Back”.
2015 has started of with some great releases, a Band very few people will have heard of have produced a stunning slice of AOR. This cd will be very well used this year if you like classic 80s’ rock infused with keyboards buy this,if you don’t buy it anyway because you soon will. Hopefully these guys will play live and in the UK soon.

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