A new festival for 2018 which aims to bring back the glory days of one day festivals? OK folks tell me more. To be honest the folks behind Stonedeaf put it so much better than we can so ….

Our aim is to hold a natural successor to the iconic Castle Donington Monsters Of Rock Festival. A one day event…..one Stage, 6-7 Rock and Metal bands and an old school vibe. We will recruit bands old and new with focus on those who played the original festival from 1980 throught to its final year. This festival will be independently run in association with Monsters of Rock and Download Veterans facebook group.

Ten festival myths we are putting to pasture…

1.)Festivals are a killer. It’s a lot of walking from your tent to the Arena.

Nope, it’s approx 75m from your tent to a spot near the stage maximum.

2.)Ah but my car will be miles away from my tent.

Nope you will be able to park very close to your tent.

3.)But it’ll be expensive for drinks and food.

Nope you can bring your own food and a beers if you want. If not the bar and food traders should be no more expensive than regular pub prices.

4.)I don’t do mud, it’s dirty and I don’t do dirty.

Newark is flat, it’s surrounded by hard standing and the drainage is helped by it being grass over a hard surface. Pretty much a mud free day. Also there are several hotels nearby if camping isn’t your bag!
Hopefully it’ll be sunny too.

5.) Festivals are renowned for being expensive and a rip off.

We think you could do Stonedeaf for £100 including your ticket, camping, a few beers and food.

What does £100 get you these days?
An arena gig ticket?
2 tickets to a football match?
2 tickets to a theme park?
A night out in town and hangover the next day.

6.) Its going to be a pain moving around.

The site is flat, it has hard standing all the around.
If at any time you need a break from the excitement there’s a place set a side for a cuppa and a chill in total peace away from the Rock n Roll.

7.) I’ll not be able to see anything at all at the back.

Newark is a compact site, we are limiting the capacity to 5000 for the first year.
Standing at the Bar you will be able to take it all in and sill see the action take place on stage!

8.) Ok I like the sound of this, but isn’t it in the middle of nowhere?

Well it’s out of the way enough not to bother people when we turn it up….
But it’s 5 mins drive from the A1
10 mins from the East Coast mainline. Lincoln, Newark and Nottingham aren’t a million miles away either.

9.) I don’t drive so I can’t get there.

Yes you can if you can get to Newark by bus or train we will get you to the gig….. We are nice like that.

10.) Are you lot nuts for doing this?

Yes, yes we are! But we also want to put on a show that makes everything worthwhile and everyone has the bestest of days.

11.) Ok ya loons, I’m sold….. where do I sign up?

Step this way….

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