Perfect Plan – All Rise

It’s looking like April is going to be an excellent month for Melodic Rock, as one of my most anticipated releases of the year gets its turn in the spotlight, its the debut release by Perfect Plan from Sweden . Over the years Sweden has delivered some of my time favourite rock releases by bands such as Treat, The Poodles and Melodic Rock legends Europe, and this release by Perfect Plan is right up there with some of the greats.

Perfect Plan formed nearly 4 years ago and went through some lineup changes before being picked up by Frontiers Records in 2017. The band consits of Kent Hilli on vocals, Rolf Nordstrom on guitar, Fredrick Forsberg on drums, Leif Ehlin on keyboards and P-O Sedin on bass who deliver a melodic rock offering in the vain of Unruly Child, Giant and Tyketto.

‘Bad City Woman’ kicks off preceedings and its clear that this album is going to be something special, with its awesome vocals & harmonies its remincent of Valentine & Survivor(Jimi Jamison era). Next up is ‘In and Out of Love’ (not a Bon Jovi cover i may add) , the bands first single which ive played to death over the past 6-8 weeks, if this song had been released in 1987 it would have been in the billboard top 40 and been on constant rotation on MTV, its that good. ‘Stone Cold Lover’ and ‘Gone Too Far’ draw influences for Frontiers era Journey with a bit of Tall Stories thrown in the mix, both great melodic tunes that drive the album through. Next tracks ‘What Goes Around’ and ‘Too Late’ are pure quality with their catchy chorus, and for me could have been on Giant’s Last of the Runaways release.  ‘Cant Turn Back’ and ‘Never Surrender could have featured on any 80s feel good film, both great melodic rock gem’s and again Kent Hilli’s vocals are top notch. You have ‘1985’ with its cheesy lyrics that Reckless Love would be proud of, just pure bubblegum rock, with ‘What Can i Do’ and ‘Heaven in Your Eyes’ wrapping up proceedings on this none stop feel good record.

For me im sure that  ‘All Rise’ from Perfect Plan will feature in many peoples top 5 releases of 2018, as they have delivered an album full of quality hook driven melodic tunes like it was 1987, and in Kent Hilli have an amazing vocalist that for one cant wait to hear sing live very soon. Perfect Plan have delivered the best release of 2018 up to now me, and its an essential purchase for all of the Melodic Rock community.




1. Bad City Woman

2. In And Out Of Love

3. Stone Cold Lover

4. Gone Too Far

5. What Goes Around

6. Too Late

7. Can’t Turn Back

8. Never Surrender

9. 1985

10. What Can I Do

11. Heaven In Your Eyes


– CD

CATALOG #: FR CD 859 / BARCODE: 8024391085929



RELEASE DATE: April 20, 2018



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