Massive Wagons “Full Nelson”

Well, well, well. Where do I begin? I was lucky enough a couple of years ago to review Welcome to the World Massive Wagons’ 3rd full album a few months before release and to this day that album in my humble opinion has still not been bettered! So a hard act to follow, you say? A big statement to make? Yes indeed but, yes there’s a but – they may have only gone and upped their game again!

First of all the science behind the Wagons seemingly rapid rise in airplay and popularity. Earlier this year they got signed to the major label Earache records and with the promo being looked after by RPM it has really brought them into the rock scene’s forefront. Lots of Planet Rock airplay and backing plus finally appearing on the big festival line ups (Including a Download slot) has really got them noticed outside of their always hardcore following. New album “Full Nelson” is a diverse collection of tracks from the catchy choruses, the heavy riffs and the damn right hilarious lyrics at times (insert ‘China Plates’ here in the hilarity box. Its their opus to all things Facebook). ‘Back to the Stack’ their tribute to the late great Rick Parffit got a lot of airplay earlier this year and the boys are actually going to open for Status Quo on the 27th August! How good is that tribute track going to go down! and I’m sure they will collect many new fans that day.

Lets talk about the fact there is not a more catchy chorus on planet earth than ‘Last on the List’. Well, maybe along with ‘Ratio’ and ‘Tokyo’ which we find included on here, it’s the record company’s decision to include the two bangers from ‘Welcome to the World’ which is a great idea in my opinion with the increased backing a big label gives – imho ‘Ratio’ should have been massive. Where does chief riffmeister Adam Thistlethwaite find those melodies? PLus there’s always a message inserted in those Baz Mills lyrics. Newest member Stephen Holl is holding the rhythm guitars together admirably with the always thumping backline of Alex Thistlethwaite on drums and Adam (Bowser) Bouskill on bass its a winning combination all round.

The lads all come from working class backgrounds as do I, which makes these collection of songs all the more relatable to me, I challenge anyone brought up in similar circumstances to not think ‘Northern Boy’ is about you and to not get a lump in your throat! Add the everyday rants we all have and these tracks really hit home.

With what seems to be the way of releasing a track every so many months these days to tease us, there’s 7 tracks already available out there digitally, which include lead single and radio friendly “Under No Illusion” the tongue in cheek ‘Billy Balloon Head’ the almost Alice in Chains Chilli Peppers hybrid ‘Robot (Trust in Me) The hilarious afore mentioned Facebook rant that is ‘China Plates’ Status Quo/Parfitt tribute ‘Back to the Stack’ along with ‘Ratio’ and ‘Tokyo’ so go stream them and get a taster of how diverse and brilliant this album truly is.

Coming up on August 10th the band had a great idea. A unique album launch gig in Leeds where you pre-order the CD or Vinyl from the venue (Crash Records) which then your album is picked up on the evening of the performance and doubles up to be your actual entry ticket. How cool is that.. imagine every gig you go to the headliner gives you an album for free. I am really looking forward to hearing these tracks live that night.

On that note I’ll leave it with a big MASSIVE go pre-order this album if you want a rocking soundtrack to yours mine and everyone else’s lives! These are the northern poets we have been looking for! Or of course if you just like good ole rock n roll that’s a good enough reason too!


Under No Illusion
China Plates
Billy Balloon Head
Sunshine Smile
Northern Boy
Robot (Trust in Me)
Back To The Stack
Hate Me
Last On The List
Ballad Of Verdun Hayes

Released on August 10th 2018 Massive Wagons are: Barry Mills – Vocals, Adam Thistlethwaite – Lead guitars, Alex Thistlethwaite – Drums, Adam Bouskill – Bass, Stephen Holl.. Rhythm Guitars

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