Gioeli-Castronovo – ‘Set The World on Fire’

This is one album I had been looking forward to reviewing for a while, being a massive Hardline, Bad English and Journey fan. Having been fortunate enough to witness all these bands in the live arena , and having met both of these super nice Rock icons over the years I couldn’t wait to hear this collaboration. On first listen ‘Set The World On Fire’ sounds absolutely brilliant, its like Journey on steroids, and is a proper, full on arena sounding record.

The albums features Johnny Gioeli on vocals, Deen Castronovo vocals, drums, Alessandro Del Vecchio keyboards, backing vocals, Mario Percudani guitars, and Nik Mazzucconi bass, and produced by the multi talented Del Vecchio

Gioeli’s vocal talents paired with Castronovo’s superb drumming abilities and a fine vocalist to boot has made for a truly stunning album that kick off with title track ‘Set The World On Fire’ , which features amazing trade off vocals, and shredding guitars throughtout. ‘Through ‘ and ‘Who Am I’ are offered up next , which remind me of 80s Journey crossed with the best bits of Bon Jovi, full of hooks and melodies. If ‘Fall Like An Angel’ had been released in 1988 it would have featured on the billboard top 10, its that good, i so wish Journey would make albums as good this now. ‘Its All About You’ is followed by a cover of the Lady Antebellum’s ‘Need You Now’, which Gioeli & Castronovo make their own. ‘Ride Of Your Life’ with its piano intro before its unleashed into another driving Rock tune, this album just keeps getting better and better. ‘Mother’ and ‘Walk With Me’ drive the album through to the exquisite ‘Run For Your Life’ before the albums final two tracks ‘Remember Me ‘ and ‘Let Me Out’ bring this amazing offering to a close.

I could talk about this album all day, its that good, and it has gone straight into my top 3 releases of 2018 so far, and Gioeli-Castronovo have released a monster of a record in ‘Set The World On Fire’ and all followers of Melodic Rock need to purchase this album as soon on release day. Me for one hope i get to hear some of these songs in the live arena very soon….

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