Every once in a while a new artist comes along and offers up everthing i love about Melodic Rock Music, and the debut release from ‘DALLAS‘ is such an album. DALLAS, real name Brian HINER , a native of San Francisco, came onto the scene back in 2012, when he released an EP ‘Over The Edge’ which features two of these songs on this debut release, ‘This Love’ and ‘I Close My Eyes’. DALLAS was noticed by ‘KELV HELLRAZER’ of AOR Boulevard, who felt that this young musician had incredible potential.
Bryan DALLAS  is a super talented singer/songwriter and showcases this in these wonderful compositions of pure Melodic Rock of the highest order. DALLAS brilliantly produces and plays all the instruments, and given the quality, mixing, and arrangements that brings together the best of the late 80s/early 90s Melodic Rock with a modern twist.

‘Rock N Roll Never Dies’ kicks this melodic masterpiece off in style, just think of DANGER DANGER, mixed with BLUE TEARS, BLACK N BLUE & KIX for good measure. Bryan DALLAS has definitely drawn his inspiration from the best of the US Hard Rock, Glam and the AOR of the day. ‘This Love’ could have featured on the RECKLESS LOVE debut album with its soaring vocals & harmonies, with ‘Rock You Like a Bomb’ its so Nasty Nasty era BLACK N BLUE with the best bits of bands like BANSHEE & BLONZ thrown in for good measure. Next track up is my personal favorite, and current single ‘Bring The Light’ is just pure brilliance, with amazing hooks, vocals & a catchy chorus, and would have gone down a treat and be an instant dancefloor filler at any Rock Night across the globe… The WHITE LION/RICK SPRINGFIELD inspired ‘Rip It Up’ drives this album through to the wonderful ballad  ‘ I Close My Eyes’ which would have an MTV winner back in 1989. 
The DEF LEPPARD-esque brilliance of ‘Lay It All On The Line’ with a melody that sticks in the your head immediately, and wouldn’t have been out-of-place on the 1999 opus ‘EUPHORIA’, with its amazing overlapping harmonies and vocals. ‘Miles Away’ is another 8Os influenced tune, with its very catchy chorus that reminds me of classic WINGER & ALDO NOVA, which is swiftly followed by ‘I Wanna Buy You A Star’, that could have featured on some 80s teen film soundtrack. First of the Bonus tracks on this release ‘Don’t Ever Stop’ is another great RECKLESS LOVE type tune with glimpses of HEAVENS EDGE. ‘Heaven Down’ with its catchy keyboard intro and infectious pop-rock vibe make way for the melodic excellence of ‘Over Now’ which again reminds me of Melodic Rock Cult band BLUE TEARS. The final tracks are pure 80s melodic rock, ‘Forever’ is a real Hair Metal anthem, with its big chorus, and when I first heard ‘Rock aint Dead’ I thought it was BLACK N BLUE, the similarities to BnB frontman, Jamie St James are unreal, which is no bad thing in my book. This brings us to ‘Feel The Music’, and if close my eyes i imagine Ted Poley bringing this one out for the fans with his band DANGER DANGER, and the final track, the majestic ‘Open Your Heart’ with its wonderful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

I could literally talk all day about this album, it so so impressed me from the first spin, and I’m sure it will be a sure-fire winner with the melodic rock masses out there. It’s an absolutely brilliant release, and i take my hat off to Bryan DALLAS, the only question is…. when can we see this guy play live……
Released in the UK on 19th October 2018 on AORBLVRD Records … just get it pre-ordered now and tell them Rock-Zone UK sent you
1)Rock N Roll Never Dies
2)This Love
3)Rock You Like A Bomb
4)Bring The Light
5)Rip It Up
​6)Close My Eyes
7)Lay It On The Line
8)Miles Away
9) I Wanna Buy You A Star
10)Don’t Ever Stop
11)Open Your Heart
12)Over Now
13)Miles Away (Neon Blue Mix)

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