Joe Matera – Waiting for the Sun EP Review

The more eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that, given the name of the site Rock-Zone in case you missed it, we focus on the more loud elements of the music business – you know the score … loud guitars, drums and the like – and we LOVE it. That said, everyone has to have a bit of variety and I’m know different. I am especially fond of acoustic material to bring a bit of light and shade to my listening and, to be honest, acoustic can rock too. Which brings me to the latest release from joe Matera – his latest release being an EP “Waiting for the Sun”. We have had the pleasure of reviewing Joe’s previous releases and this is another one to add to te list of great music that the Australian guitar wizard has produced.

Throughout his amazing guitar work is to the fore – nothing too technical, just the right blend of chops to make the songs resonate beautifully. First track, “All Night Long” is my favourite on the release – very autobiographical in nature telling the tale of life on the road as a guitar man. Upbeat whilst still painting the much truer picture of life on the road. Throughout, the acoustic nature of the songs really bring the songs to life – as the title song  is more reflective and although having a slightly downbeat mood, the positive vibes still shine through.

Throughout the EP what strikes me most is that the songs resonate with a passion and truth that is lacking from the plethora of acoustic acts that seem to reach Top 40 stardom in this millennium. Perhaps it is the thoughtfulness and craft that sets this apart from the herd? Or perhaps it is the impact that a real guitar player has in bringing the songs to life? Whatever the truth is, the six tracks here truly spoke to me whilst I needed a bit of thoughtfulness in my listening. “Semantics” struck me as commentary on the keyboard warriorisms of social media – although Joe will probably  tell me that his meaning was something different … but isn’t that what art should be about? bringing different meaning to the person enjoying it?

Throughout the EP, what struck me was the beautiful production that allowed the mesmerizing guitar and Mr Matera’s plaintive vocal style to  transport me to a number of places in my mind. Harking back to singer-songwriter style of the 1960s in places stylistically, whilst never sounding dated – a perfect accompaniment to a laid back listening experience.


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