Sister Rose – Walshaw Sports Club, Bury 1st February 2019

don’t you just love a British winter? A few millimetres of snow and the it feels like the apocalypse has hit. With the kind of luck that could only affect me, after planning the 320 mile round trip to attend the launch of SISTER ROSE’s second album “No Cause for Distraction” (reviewed here in case you missed it) since it was announced, the weather forecast indicated that the second Ice Age was about to hit on the day. Therefore, being the sensible kind of old chap that I am, I made the obvious decision … get in the car and travel there and back in one evening.


Apart from a blizzard three miles from home (which made me start to question my sanity) and then a rather horrible bit around Middlesbrough (insert your own gag here), I arrived sfe and sound and just in time to catch a bit of support act, DESOLATION ROW. Energy, fun and not your archetypal range of rock covers, I always love hearing anything from the Wildhearts, so their mix of tunes aimed squarely at the punkier end of the rock genre made for a great change from the usual cover fodder – no “Sex on bloody Fire” and “Wishing Well” here thank heavens. Great fun, huge passion on display and well worth checking out if you get a chance.


With a strong crowd braving the elements (they breed them tough round these parts), SISTER ROSE hit the floor and we were treated to a fantastic set. Lots from the new album, obvious really as it was the official live launch after all, but also with old favourites from the first release. As ever, great fun and you really need to catch the boys live as soon as you can

The ghost of Keith Moon made an appearance at the end as the drums relocated themselves from the expected position (with a wee bit of help) and that was it, back on the road and safely home. Perhaps I should grow up? on second thoughts, no.

“No Cause For Distraction” is available to buy online and is streaming across all major digital platforms. 2019 appearances currently include: Grimm Up North, Mearfest North and British Steel (Fismes) and as support for Myke Gray (ft Kim Jennett) in Blackpool.

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