Tygers Of Pan Tang – Ritual

The 2nd album from the current line up should keep fans old & new happy, the classic nwobhm riffs are still there but with that modern edge. I loved “Only The Brave”, etc. from their self titled last album  but in my humble opinion I think as an all round album they have surpassed that! Tracks like “Rescue Me” & “Spoils Of War” with their big rolling heavy riffs I just cant get enough of, to the full on assaults of lead single “White Lines” (no, its not a Grandmaster Flash cover) ‘Damn You’ & “Raise Some Hell” hit you right where it hurts. But as you should know by now, with the Tygers you get the melodies right alongside the onslaught. Iacopo Meille is on top form right through but particularly standing out on the two (I suppose you could call) rock ballads “Sail Away” & Words Cut Like A Knife” both kick in halfway through & bring the rock right back though. I am pretty sure my favourites will change around on more listens. That is what I love about this band you get the heavy rock but you also get great songs.

The Tygers for me these days are as solid a formation any premier league manager would kill for.. solid at the back (Craig & Gav’s backline) the central holding midfielder that holds everything together (Robb’s rhythm) allowing his tricky sidekick to run free & express himself (Mickey’s lead) to the powerful man up front (Iacopo on vocals) but to all you non football fans out there let me break it down simply & quote bassist Mr Gav Gray

“Its just a fuckin great rock record”

Copyright: Darren Thompson 2018


The album was recorded in ex Tyger Fred Pursers studio in Newcastle with current ‘Glenn Hughes’ guitarist ‘Soren Anderson’ again on mixing & additional production duties and with lots of packages available do yourself a favour & go buy this! Catch them on tour in the UK in November!

Tygers of Pan Tang :
Robb Weir – Guitars
Craig Ellis – Drums
Mickey Crystal – Guitars
Gav Gray – Bass
Iacopo Meille – Vocals

Track List
1. Worlds Apart
2. Destiny
3. Rescue Me
4. Raise Some Hell
5. Spoils of War
6. White Lines
7. Words Cut Like A Knife
8. Damn You
9. Love Will Find A Way-bonus track
10 Art of Noise
11. Sail On

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