I know for some this will be seen as rock n roll sacrilege or even a complete debunking of any limited music kudos I may have possessed but I need to confess that I have never been the world’s biggest AC-DC fan. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that people love them and they certainly do the business but something never really floated my boats. Everything about the band should mean I love them (and I do like them) it’s just that I’ve never been fully energised by their releases. Which is strange because I bloody love raucous guitars, mega riffs, catchy songs and that is why I was so impressed and absolutely adored “Swallow” when Burnt Out Wreck released their debut on the public in early 2017. Gary Moat is a massive Bon Scott fan and many commentators made reference to AC-DC but to me Burnt Out Wreck were a whole different ball game. The songs were great, the performances on the record and live were amazing and I was instantly Wreck-d. Just the right mix of aggression, tongue in cheek naughtiness and tonnes of good old fashioned rock and roll meant it became one of my albums of the year and continues to stay on rotation at home and in the car. Whenever I fall for a new band I get greedy and immediately want to hear more stuff and so the wait for album number two has been one that has had me filled with excitement and expectation. Could number 2 really be as good as the first one?

In a nutshell -no, not as good as the first one, EVEN BETTER!! It is patently clear that touring has honed the sound even further and Gary’s songs take another step up on “This Is Hell”.  More foot stomping, ball busting hard rock but this time knocked up another gear and the album will definitely give the best of them a run for their money. The first track to be released from upcoming second album ‘This Is Hell’ is Dead Or Aliveand is a huge, riff riddled, classic good time rock ‘n’ roll tune that’s guaranteed to get you shaking off the dust and head banging in serious fashion! A cracking track and an absolutely blitzing way for Burnt Out Wreck to start the lead in to the release of their second album.

One of my favourites is “Paddywhack” – a definite case of nudge, nudge, wink, wink going on with the lyrical content here. Every time I listen to it a smile spreads across my face. Top song with hints of a Quo shuffle in some of the guitar style. I could go on and cover each track but, to be honest it is probably sufficient to say that each listen the whole record just gets better and better – so much so that every attempt I have made to write the review has resulted in me foregoing the critical ears and just loving every note.

A good album? It’s an absolute belter and worthy of a place in every fan of quality hard rock’s collection. Get it ordered you will love it and make certain you catch them live as soon as possible for a guaranteed great show.

Burnt Out Wreck are: Gary Moat – Lead Vocals, Alex Carmichael – Bass, Paul Gray – Drums, Adrian Dunn – Lead Guitar, backing vocals, Miles Goodman  – Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals

Tracklisting for ‘This Is Hell’ which is released 11th October on Burnt Out Wreckords / Cherry Red                                                                                          :
1. Dead Or Alive
2. Positive
3. Paddywack
4. Headfuck
5. Guitars Electrified
6. This Is Hell
7. Rock Hard Sticky Sweet
8. Just A Dog
9. Snow Falls Down

Recorded and Mixed at Liscombe Park Studios, Soulbury
Mixed by Steve Rispin, produced by Gary Moat & mastered by Pete Maher

Pre-order links:

Upcoming tour dates:
27th Sept / Four Sticks Weekender / Amersham Arms / London
24th Oct / The Underworld / Camden London, supporting The Pete Way Band
25th Oct / The Tivoli Venue / Buckley, supporting The Pete Way Band
26th Oct / Hangar 18 Music / Swansea, supporting The Pete Way Band
30th Nov / Winterstorm/ Troon
6th Dec/ The Wharf Theatre/ Travistock, supporting The Pete Way Band

17th Jan / Great British Rock and Blues Festival / Skegness
28th Jan / The Robin 2 / Wolverhampton / Supporting The Pete Way Band
7th Feb / Hard Rock Café / Glasgow
8th Feb / Bannermans / Edinburgh

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